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Who! Are we?

Mojo Cow  -

Who are we?

We started as JPEC Co Ltd in 2002; but our innovative developments called for a funkier name so later down the track, along come Mojo Cow.

What are we?

Yes!  We are enthusiastic innovators, along with globally helping customers source and develop hydroponic and horticultural products.

The combination of these two aspects has enabled us to develop a strong network to source quality products and components at competitive rates.

And yes!

We love turning ideas into practical, innovative products. You have ideas? We have the enthusiasm. You want to source products? We are very good at that! To your door! is an online retail shop which is offering selective MOJO COW products. We are excited to launch the shop in April 2022, at the moment we only ship to the USA. For those customers who wish to buy our products in Australia and Europe, please check your local stores or email us at

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