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Building your own is always the idea behind MOJO COW's grow light product. Our LED series grow light allows you to customize your own grow light. You Have the flexibility to configure it in a linear form, doubled form (with our spine), or expand it by daisy-chaining more lights to meet your specific needs. 

In addition to providing the correct spectrum to nuture your plants, our LED grow light also claimed to be IP65-rated, making it suitable for use in highly humid environments. This breakthrough feature allows you to push the boundaries of how you build your light system. 

Other Features:

-  2.4 µmol/J - high Photon Efficacy provides maximised plant light. 

- 26w high output LED bar.

- You can daisy chain up to 10 lights with the same or varied series and wattage MOJO COW LED grow light bars.

- High graded LED diodes 

- Sturdy metal profile – The heat sink is robust and efficient

Box contains:

- 2 x 26w LED lights (20cm and 30cm cable attached at both ends respectively)

- 2 x spines

- 1 x  2m long power cord

- 4 x ceiling mounted clips

- 4 x S hooks 

- 2 x V-shaped hooks

3 years warranty guaranteed

AU Plug-2.png

Dynamic vegetative structural growth (white & blue)

perfect composition of white plus 440nm & 660nm diodes which offers the light the need during their vegetative stage


Optimized total grow/bloom (full spectrum)

A perfect mixture of diode colours provides corrected light for abundant growth throughout all stages.

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